Odnova Beauty provides Mesotherapy for the Face (A high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid) and Scalp (Reticulated Hyaluronic Acid + Peptides)

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30 minutes · £195

PROPHILO is a high concentration of hyaluronic acid helps boost and hydrate the skin and remodels ageing and sagging tissue on the face and neck, décolletage, hands, arms, knees, and abdomen area. Profhilo generally lasts 6 months.

2 treatments are given one month apart. After the initial treatments, it is recommended to come back for the treatment every 6-9 months. Then only one treatment is needed, as it will be simply topping up the skin’s hydration and glow.


PROFHILO is an ultra-modern instrument for skin rejuvenation. It consists of Stabilized Hybrid HA Complexes with the highest concentration available in the world, as much as 64 mg; L-HA, the action of which results in the activation of the skin repair and regeneration cascade, and H-HA, which are the main component of the skin scaffold and the ECM matrix (extracellular matrix).

We obtain a filling effect and a plastic modelling effect thanks to these particles. PROFHILO® Bioremodeling is an innovative concept of rejuvenating treatments that neutralizes skin laxity. PROFHILO® is a new effective method of rejuvenation.

How does PROFHILO behave on the skin?
Slowly and long-lastingly released from the injection site, the molecule of youth PROFHILO acts as millions of springs that restore the lost contour of the face.

PROFHILO smoothes wrinkles, lifts the skin, and immediately gives the skin the lost elasticity effect.

What is PROFHILO Stabilized Hybrid Complexes?

It is a youth molecule patented by the IBSA Pharmaceutical Institute, which by rejuvenating, starts the production of elastin and collagen types I, II, IV, and VII. It strengthens and thickens the skin, smoothes wrinkles, slims facial features, and gives a biorevolumetric effect.


  • tightens the skin
  • guarantees multifaceted rejuvenation
  • gives elasticity
  • slims facial features
  • neutralizes hamsters
  • restores the lost contour
  • neutralizes skin sagging
  • smoothes wrinkles
  • gives biorevolumetry
  • restores a lost profile

What does it mean that the PROFHILO treatment is flawless?

PROFHILO is the latest treatment to counteract skin sagging and face ageing. PROFHILO® has the unprecedented cumulative advantages of selected natural HA with a concentration of 64 mg in one dose. Furthermore, thanks to the new generation of cross-linking – thermal stabilization, it does not have the disadvantages of chemically cross-linked HA acid.

BAP injection technique (5 BIO AESTHETIC POINTS)

A specially developed technique of BAP injection has been created to correct anatomically difficult and heavy reconstruct flabby areas of the skin. It allows for stopping ageing more completely by maximizing the diffusion processes of PROFHILO in the tissues. The procedure does not require anaesthesia.

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EJAL40 Treatment

30 minutes · £120

EJAL40 is a bio-stimulant of hyaluronic acid activates the fibroblasts, which are then stimulated to produce the components of the derma’s matrix. Consequently, the long-term result is natural skin without depressed areas and hydrated skin.

3 treatments spread evenly across one month, then quarterly. We repeat this pattern every year.


Non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, recommended for flabby, dehydrated, dry, exposed to UV radiation and air conditioning, skin with stretch marks, and discolouration.

This is the latest generation of hyaluronic acid with an average molecular weight (MMW) of 1200-1800 kDa and a concentration of as much as 40 mg / 2ml. The basic structure of the ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix) extracellular matrix is rebuilt, the environment for the newly emerging building blocks of the skin is prepared, and the natural ability of the skin increases.

Fibroblasts for collagen production (restoration of the basic structure of the extracellular matrix). The preparation contains pure, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid without any additives or chemical enhancers, thanks to which it is entirely safe.

The optimal amount and concentration of hyaluronic acid in the pre-filled syringe – 40mg / 2ml is enough to develop two areas.

An additional advantage of the Ejal40 product is the possibility of using an innovative technique of introducing the preparation – 4 BRP (BioRevitalizationPoint).
Limiting the number of punctures to 4 places minimizes the risk of swelling and reduces pain while maintaining optimal effectiveness.

Application of Ejal 40:

  • smoothing wrinkles,
  • general improvement of skin condition,
  • improved flexibility and tension,
  • improvement of the face oval,
  • revitalization,
  • as an introductory therapy for treatments with fillers,
  • for flabby, dehydrated, dry skin, exposure to UV radiation and air conditioning, and skin with stretch marks and discolouration.

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30 minutes · £125

DR CYJ HAIR FILLER – is injected dermis layer at the site of the scalp depression. It stimulates circulation and improves blood supply to the scalp. The treatment helps revitalise the weak, and it is effective for severe types of hair loss, alopecia or thinning hair.

The complete therapy consists of 4 treatments, which should occur every two weeks.

CYJ Hair Filler Treatment: 1 session per 2 weeks, for 8 weeks (total 4 sessions), then optionally, 1 monthly maintenance session for 3-6 months.


Dr CYJ Hair Filler is a preparation available in a pre-filled syringe, ready to use right out of the box. It is used in peptide hair therapy treatments. DR.CYJ Hair Filler peptide therapy is a modern way to prevent hair loss and thicken it. It is recommended for both men and women.

Dr CYJ Hair Filler:

  • stops hair loss
  • is effective in the fight against alopecia (alopecia)
  • accelerates hair regrowth
  • thickens and thickens hair
  • stimulates blood circulation and improves blood supply to the scalp
  • vitalizes the hair follicles
  • cares for the scalp
  • strengthens hair before and after transplantation

The high effectiveness of the treatment is associated with the use of innovative solutions: a revolutionary formula of 7 peptides and hyaluronic acid and a specially developed, patented Sustained Release Technology technology. DR.CYJ Hair Filler gives visible results after the first treatment. It was appreciated by dermatologists awarded the “Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology 2017” award.

Full treatment requires 4 sessions: CYJ Hair Filler Treatment: 1 session per 2 weeks, for 8 weeks (total 4 sessions), then 1 monthly maintenance session for 3-6 months.

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Treatment Room in Acton:

63 Jeddo Road, Unit 6,
London W12 9EE

Telephone: 07767 139220 / 02087 436109
Email: odnovanew@gmail.com

Treatment Room in Acton:

63 Jeddo Road, Unit 6,
London W12 9EE

Telephone: 07767 139220 / 02087 436109
Email: odnovanew@gmail.com