Bio energy therapy

Empower your health and body by creating balance and comfort in your nervous, muscular and other systems.

What is Bio energy therapy
(bio-energy healing)?

It is a kind of treatment that belongs to the so-called complementary therapies which is additional to the conventional medicine. It involves mainly working with energies.

It is worth mentioning that everything which surrounds us is made of energy. The only thing that differs here is the question of density. There are things that our eye perceives as a physical ones, such as a stone or a car. They are actually more dense in terms of their structure. Therefore, they are ‘physical’ but at the same time ‘energetic’ as well.

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 My name is Marcin Dominiak, I am a certified master of bioenergotherapy. I obtained my journeyman qualifications in 2011, and then the Master Craftsman’s Diploma in 2014. I have been working in this profession continuously since 2011.

Our mind operates in such a way that it needs to see something or physically touch to believe that it exists. But apart from seeing, we also have a sense of feeling. When we put our hand in the water through which the current flows, surely we will feel it despite not seeing it.

The same rule applies to the flow of energy. It is precisely regulating the movement of energy (e.g. thoughts, emotions, etc.) within one’s personal energy field.

As the etymology of the word ‘Bio energy therapy’ indicates:
– ‘Bio”- connected with life, alive
– ‘Energy’– energetic, flow of energy
– ‘Therapy’ – a series of treatments carried out to obtain a particular goal.

Bio energy therapy (bio-energy healing) then works with energy in various fields, the aim of which is to restore homeostasis in all human bodies (physical, etheric and energetic).
Of course, the term bioenergy therapy (bio-energy healing) is used to cover quite vast spectrum of complimentary and alternative therapies, however in fact it is especially practised in the East. In the Western world, bio energy therapy (bio-energy healing) is experiencing its renaissance.

Bio energy therapeutic consultation with Counseling:

A  bio energy therapeutic consultation is a form of counseling during which a person may ask many questions about their existence, health and relationships.

The consultation is aimed at identifying the sources of low-vibration that negatively affects us. These energies anchor us in the energetic and etheric body as well as wider human energy space, (e.g. in the workplace, or result from relationships with different people). The readings are carried out on the personal energy biofield of the person asking the questions. When we think about different people, places or situations, we connect with them through thoughts and emotions.

We pick on the specific vibration from them, which then is interpreted by a bioenergotherapist. Since neither time nor physical distance matters (it is irrelevant) for energy, it is possible to read and interpret situations, people and places by energetic connection with them. A similar rule applies to the treatments that cleanse the space and aligns the energy of individual people. Their physical presence is not necessary at all. Therefore, consultations can take place both face to face as well as remotely.

During the consultation, the energy fields of the treated person are aligned with the entire energy cloud in which the person exists as well as the background that surrounds him/her. Consultation is also about working with thoughts and emotions that quite often are not “ours”, even though it might seem otherwise. During the session, the practitioner suggests supplementary techniques that are very effective in aiding the treatment (self-development).

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Face to face sessions:
in the treatment room in 63 Jeddo Road Unit 6 (W12 9EE), London

Online sessions*: via telephone 044 7767 139220 (also Whatsapp)

Messenger (Marcin Dominiak)
Skype: od-nova Marcin Dominiak (with postscript Actual Profil)

30 min – £50
60 min – £80

*The online consultation is performed once the payment is transferred:

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During treatments, we work with such issues as:


  • healing and energy cleansing
  • diagnosis of bioenergy disorders and their elimination
  • the analysis of the energy biofield of people and space
  • discussing and practising relaxation and meditation techniques
  • the technique of “active visualization” – working with traumas
  • life and career counselling
  • techniques supporting activity and vitality
  • breathing exercises, concentration
  • readings performed on bioenergy charts (brainwave frequency chart, Bovis chart etc.).

I recommend a series of bioenergy therapy treatments to achieve the best results. Often, one session may turn out to be insufficient. This is because our energy never “sleeps”. Even during the night, our thoughts, emotions, needs and dreams are active all the time. Our behaviour and reactions in various situations come from childhood experiences and traumas. It takes the right amount of time to work through them genuinely.

After each session, I recommend specific exercises (mental and relaxation), which significantly improve the effects of the therapy.

If you are interested in a real solution to a problem, and not just its temporary “healing”, a series of sessions is the best solution for you:

3 sessions – 5% off if paid in advance

5 sessions – 10% off if paid in advance

10 sessions – 20% off if paid in advance

After just one session, an “Energy Boost Session” is available. This concise session, typically conducted online or by phone, involves multiple readings addressing crucial issues. Following the readings, we proceed with a combination of energy cleansing and healing.

The duration of this session is approximately 20 minutes, and the cost is £25.


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Highly recommend Odnova Therapies, Marcin has an incredible knowledge about human body and mind. He is a Bio Energy Therapy Master that care about the client on every level. So passionate and dedicate to help, knowing exactly where the problem is and how to resolve it. You will not be disappointed.

Anna AG

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I recommend Odnova. Marcin is knowledgeable person, very professional with a lot of positive energy. For anyone who is looking for physical and emotional healing.

Karolina Jezior

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I have been working with Marcin for over a year and after moving from therapist to therapist over the past few years, I feel at peace. He is an excellent body worker with a wealth of training and expertise covering the physiological to energetic. Marcin goes deep to the root of the problem, thinks carefully about his approach and always cares about an outcome. He does a great job integrating different massage techniques and then customizing for your own personal needs. Marcin is more than a massage therapist, he is a great healer, who taught me how to balance my life in a best possible way. He is such a kind soul and is truly in the present moment with you, listening to you and giving you his full attention.

I highly recommend Marcin as a Massage and Bio Energy Therapist. He is incredibly gifted healer with warm and welcoming personality. An Angel on Earth!!

Katarzyna Figura

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Marcin is not only professional and knowledgeable he has kept me positive and gave me essential tools and practices to put me firmly on my healing journey. I could not recommend him highly enough. He has helped me get through cancer treatment. I will be continuing with him online now.

Teresa Perella

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An excellent specialist, a wonderful person. You can see the full commitment and passion for the work he does. He helped me a lot, not only with the therapy itself, but also mentally strengthened me for training. Great respect!

Iwona London