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Anti-Stress Therapy Chair + Table

Nowadays, stress is one of the main negative factors that affect our well-being and worsens our entire existence. When we get nervous, we tighten our muscles, reduce the elasticity of our cells, which means that we store more unwanted toxins and stagnation in the body. We are overwhelmed by bad thoughts, unwanted emotions, etc.

An excellent form of stress reduction at ODNOVA Massage Therapy is called Anti-Stress Therapy. It is a specific combination of massage on a specialized chair (usually fully clothed or optionally with the use of oils) with a massage on a professional massage table.

This unique session owes its effectiveness both to a comfortable sitting position (a specialist chair has a full range of angle adjustment of various elements – armrest, headrest, etc.) and a lying position when especially the lower limbs and lower back are massaged in a position comfortable for the person.

When sitting, however, mainly the neck, shoulders, shoulders and forearms are massaged. Thanks to many years of experience, I have noticed that quite often low-vibration energies (manifested in stress, muscle tension, bad thoughts and emotions, etc.) focus on different parts of the body.

To remove the stiffness from our body, we need to focus on different parts of the body and the specific nervous connection between them. Since our central nervous system is “central”, which means that each of its components is connected to each other, we cannot massage just one part without treating the other.

Therefore, this type of therapy is very effective. The client sits and lies down, which greatly facilitates the use of therapeutic and relaxing massage techniques. It is much more effective compared to lying or sitting alone. Moreover, I work a lot on the meridians and concentrate on acupressure points all over my body, which additionally makes this therapy very effective (Shiatsu massage elements).

60 min - £85

90 min - £98

120 min - £118

Enjoy better results with PACKAGES!

One treatment is, in most cases, insufficient because the source of the pain is in the deeper layers of the tissue. Therefore, a series of treatments is recommended to achieve the best results. Usually, the first few massages should take place every few days, and then you can increase the time intervals between sessions.

If you are interested in a real solution to a problem, and not just its temporary "healing", a series of massage sessions is the best solution for you:


3 sessions - 10% off if paid in advance

5 sessions - 15% off if paid in advance

10 sessions - 20% off if paid in advance

Each massage is preceded by a consultation, during which you will be asked about your expectations: whether this is stress and anxiety reduction, from tight or painful muscles, an improvement on a recent injury, or simply relaxation. You will also be asked about any temporary or chronic health conditions, as this will help establish the areas that need to be concentrated on or avoided. All this is important so that the right type of massage is tailored to your treatment.

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Depending on the massage, you will have the option to either lie on a table or sit in a chair for your massage.

Most massage techniques involve lying on a cushioned table as well pillows to support different areas of your body, If you choose a table massage, you will be left in the treatment room, so that you can undress to your level of comfort and get snug underneath the towel. You may also stay fully clothed if you prefer to. During the massage, the areas which are not being worked on in the given moment will be covered with a blanket to keep you comfortable and warm.

If you choose a chair massage, you won't need to remove your clothing.

During all types of massage, you will be asked if the pressure is right. Harder pressure is mostly applied in deep tissue massage as muscles tend to be extremely tense. Please feel free to communicate if at any point the pressure is too hard or too light, as every person is different.

Massages are carried out using aromatherapy oils or lotions to moisturise the skin. If you are allergic to any common ingredients of body oils or lotions, please advise beforehand.

A typical massage lasts about an hour, although sessions can range from 60 to 90 minutes.

After a massage, you will be left in the treatment room alone to relax for a few minutes and then get dressed. After the treatment, most people feel extremely relaxed and free from long-term aches, there is also a feeling of increased energy which may last for days afterward. If you have gone for a deep tissue massage, you may feel slightly tender to start with, but after your muscles get used to the relaxed state, you should feel much better.

Most people like to close their eyes and relax, but if you prefer to chat or have any questions to ask then feel free to ask them. It’s all about your relaxation and you should do whatever makes you feel most comfortable.