Odnova Massage Therapy_London_Massage plus Bio Energy Therapy
Odnova Massage Therapy_London_Massage plus Bio Energy Therapy

Massage + Bio Energy Therapy

Mix-Effective Therapy: massage plus bio energy therapeutic consultation with healing treatment

Mix-Effective Therapy is a combination of massage on a chair (or on the table) with a bio energy therapeutic consultation. Initially, the person is massaged on the chair. Massage is including trigger points and is focused on loosening meridnians, so that the massaged person could feel maximum relief during the treatment. Chair massage focuses mainly on the upper body, neck, shoulders, arms and head. Most often in these places the tension accumulates the most. Such a treatment usually takes about 20-30 minutes.

After the physical body is initially brought into the state of relief, a bio energy therapeutic consultation is conducted, during which a person may ask many questions about their existence, health and relationships.

The readings are carried out on the personal energy biofield of the person asking the questions.

During the consultation, the energy fields of the treated person are aligned with the entire energy cloud in which the person exists as well as the background that surrounds him/her.

Consultation is also about working with thoughts and emotions that quite often are not ours, even though it might seem otherwise. During the session, the practitioner suggests supplementary techniques that are very effective in aiding the treatment (self-development).

60 min – £85
90 min – £98